Halcyon Days

It started with a leap
From a cliff at the edge of the world
Where the descent felt everlasting
we plunged together
reckless youth
forcing our future
like small gods drunk on divinity
jagged rocks rose from uncertainty
time and tide swept us apart
into storms we needed to conquer
they tried to drown you
so you held your breath
until the buzzing of bees
carried you to a familiar place
where kingfishers catch memories
from a wind-beaten shore
I stood upon the beach
lighthouse bright
welcoming halcyon days
that quelled the maelstrom
so we could spend every winter
at peace within ourselves

How Kingfishers Are A Representation Of Inner Peace

The Kingfisher is one of the most vibrant birds in the world, recognisable by its electric blue feathers, fiery chest and distinctive build. The species is also famous for the way it captures food, shooting into lakes and rivers like a bullet. Kingfishers are one of my favourite birds, with them holding a lot of significance in certain cultures. I’m going to explore how kingfishers have been represented throughout history and what the bird means to me on a personal level.

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