Halcyon Days

It started with a leap
From a cliff at the edge of the world
Where the descent felt everlasting
we plunged together
reckless youth
forcing our future
like small gods drunk on divinity
jagged rocks rose from uncertainty
time and tide swept us apart
into storms we needed to conquer
they tried to drown you
so you held your breath
until the buzzing of bees
carried you to a familiar place
where kingfishers catch memories
from a wind-beaten shore
I stood upon the beach
lighthouse bright
welcoming halcyon days
that quelled the maelstrom
so we could spend every winter
at peace within ourselves

Devil Bird

Come fell touch of dark,
when the skin of the world
is peeled back
does the devil bird awaken
with feathers made from autumn leaves
to better conceal inscrutable heart
only the churring is heard
vigorous, vehement buzzing
from which old tales conjure
goats sucked dry of milk
of witches cackling in twilight
and yet the sound of superstition plays on
for the devil bird cavorts in moonlight
capering after sun-drunk moths
who flit towards dawn’s fickle embrace
and by morning glare does the devil bird flee
carrying plucked dreams
shadows could not seize