5 Unusual Bird Nests That Demonstrate The Creativity Of Nature

When it comes to building nests, birds use a variety of locations and materials. Mud, twigs, leaves, silk, hay and pebbles are all used to create a shelter. A nest is meant to act as a safe haven for young and a home to come back to. But not all nests are created in the same way. Some birds go to great lengths to develop structures that are as weird as they are wonderful. From tiny knot cavities to giant haystack complexes, here are five unusual bird nests.

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Bird Watching In Reykjavik And Beyond

When it comes to bird watching, Iceland is one of the best countries in the world to visit. I recently took a trip to Reykjavik and was blown away by the variety of wildlife that’s thriving inside and out of the city. Over my four day trip, I came into contact with all manner of birds, so I’m going to describe what it’s like to be in Iceland for anyone who is interested in checking out the avian wildlife. Continue reading “Bird Watching In Reykjavik And Beyond”

How Kingfishers Are A Representation Of Inner Peace

The Kingfisher is one of the most vibrant birds in the world, recognisable by its electric blue feathers, fiery chest and distinctive build. The species is also famous for the way it captures food, shooting into lakes and rivers like a bullet. Kingfishers are one of my favourite birds, with them holding a lot of significance in certain cultures. I’m going to explore how kingfishers have been represented throughout history and what the bird means to me on a personal level.

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What It Feels Like To Have A Golden Eagle On Your Arm

Seeing birds of prey in flight is a spectacular experience and falconry is a great way to get up close and personal. Having done falconry a couple of times, I can say it’s exciting to be around different kinds of birds. My favourite session had to be the time I had a golden eagle on my arm. The golden eagle is my favourite kind of bird because it’s the total package: power, beauty and speed all rolled into one. Being close to a golden eagle brought on a mixture of emotions and this is what it felt like. Continue reading “What It Feels Like To Have A Golden Eagle On Your Arm”

Understanding The Migratory Pattern Of The Nightjar And Its Haunting Song

Every year, thousands of birds migrate to the UK for breeding and habitat preferences. One of the most fascinating visitors is the nightjar, which migrates from Africa and arrives in Britain for the summer months. The nightjar is interesting because of the folklore that’s associated with it and its distinctive song.

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How To Attract A Robin To Your Garden And Make Sure It Stays

The UK is filled with all manner of birds, and they don’t come more popular than the robin. Named the national bird of Britain, robins are associated with Christmas and good cheer. Despite their small size, these tenacious birds are extremely territorial, defending their ranges with everything they have. Robins are ideal for representing the resiliency of Britain, so naturally you’ll want them in your garden. I’ve put together a guide on how you can attract a robin.

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Looking At The Role Of The Raven In Norse Mythology With Huginn And Munnin

Birds play an important role within many cultures and they have a lot of prominence in Norse mythology. Perhaps the most famous examples are Huginn and Munnin, Odin’s ravens. The birds represent thought and memory, acting as Odin’s eyes into the other realms. Huginn and Munnin’s association with Odin points towards the wider view of ravens being intelligent birds. There’s a lot of interesting history surrounding the two ravens and the connection to Norse mythology.

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